The Benefits Far Outweigh the Risks

The “like” button was first implemented on Facebook in February of 2009 — less than a month since Obama took office and a hell of a time for its debut. At first, its reveal seemed like an innocent, long overdue time saver — an elegant design solution for the UX clunkiness that preceded. If you recall, prior to the “like”, multiple people on a single post had to awkwardly reply individually to indicate pleasure, humor, or agreement. At its essence, a “like” is a numeric measure of reach and engagement. It is, in short, a vote. And therein lies the…

Warner Bros. Pictures

And its Equally Surprising Strengths

**Contains Spoilers**

It would be a bit harsh to ask where Wonder Woman 1984 went wrong because at worst, it was mediocre, not bad. The harshest it deserves is a solid C — still ranking it slightly higher than the average superhero film. It’s a problem half-derived from having a first outing that was so good, it’s almost as if the sequel had to be lesser by some unwritten law of the nature of genre film. …

Goetz with two adorable literal sheep

Facebook’s Astronomically Stupid Community Standards

It started with a fairly typical exchange for Facebook in 2020. Nicole Goetz, who runs a small farm in southern Michigan with her husband called Frontière Farm House posted some charming pictures of herself on the farm — one with a goat and several with a few sheep. A friend soothed by the cuteness commented she was “Struggling with the big sad and appreciate the goat pictures”. To clarify, Goetz's reply included “all except the all-white dude are sheep”. …

Foundational Habits for Unfucking Your Diet.

I’ve never been particularly interested in writing about my own struggles and successes with weight management, in part because it’s an incredibly sensitive and highly personal subject for a lot of people. However, lately a few people in the dreaded throes of lockdown gain have privately asked me how I manage my shit, so here I am, oversharing. …

Conservative obsession with the “beauty” of unnecessary female pain is creepy AF

“A Quiet Place” is about Choice, Parental Love, and Sound

Contains spoilers for A Quiet Place.

For the duration of this essay I will use the propagandic term “pro-life” in quotes. Decades of research has consistently shown that pro-choice policies both significantly decrease rates of abortion, and save the lives of the women seeking safe abortion care. So choice is, quite literally, life. Meanwhile, male conservatives are falling all over themselves in excitement that a woman in a horror movie chooses to have a baby in horrific circumstances in a world none of us would ever want to live in, and utterly failing to grasp the irony: that “pro-life” policies want…

The Patriarchal Fragility of the Jedi Order

Contains spoilers.

For the record, I love Star Wars — specifically episodes 4–8, while I can’t stand the prequels (the level of narrative cringe on multiple levels makes them unwatchable, while the music and visuals are so stunning, I fantasize they will eventually be released as silent films with some sweet John Williams accompaniment). But let’s talk about the sad men of Star Wars for a second. Curiously enough, they’re all Jedi. This is not an accident. A lot of the sad men in our lives are priests, ideologues, Calvinists, pastors who kill themselves after molesting their children’s friends at…

Dystopias By Definition are not Utopias

Contains Blade Runner spoilers, obviously.

If some culture writer posted an entire essay with a title like “The Politics of The Handmaid’s Tale Aren’t That Futuristic” the response would be well, no shit. Yet, being presented an equally dark future in Blade Runner for some reason has apparently given critics a pass to completely ignore the principle content and context of the piece. And so we are presented with bafflingly simplistic criticism entitled “Blade Runner 2049 Has a Woman Problem” and, indeed “Blade Runner 2049’s Politics Aren’t That Futuristic”

In other words, some critics appear to need a work of…

Obituary of a Beloved Dog

When he came to me sometime in 2007 it was during the short stint when I lived in the Mt Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. My usual home of choice back then was a magical, wooded, small old mill town just outside the city that functioned very much like it was cut off from the rest of the world. His given name was Scruffy. It fit the look of his coat, for sure; dirty blond with streaks of white and, unless groomed, a mess. He was officially a mixed mutt of some kind of terrier and some kind of dachshund. Despite…

Trentbro is a troll, not a journalist. If Medium can’t tell the difference, I don’t want any part of it

First Hire Some Journalists and Stop Being Part of the Problem

I used to love Medium. When friends asked me for advice about the best blogging platform, I didn’t hesitate to strongly recommend Medium first. They have the best algorithms for sharing and exposure to new writers, giving mere bloggers like me the ability to get tens of thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of views from a diverse group of readers that I simply would not be able to get if I blogged on my own site, and exposing me to new bloggers I would not have found on my own as a reader. Medium has been good to me. My…

She’s not FACING the bull by accident

She Stands in Beautiful Opposition.

My fellow feminists are at their most self-defeating when, in the frenzy to analyze layers of meaning, they mistake mountains for anthills; failing to see the context as it relates to the big picture. “The ‘Fearless Girl’ statue sums up what’s wrong with feminism today” writes Cara Marsh Sheffler for The Guardian. Its accompanying fretpiece is a parody of feminists who have microscopes permanently glued to their eyeballs and haven’t looked at the proverbial forest in years. …

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